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How to Source Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Interior Design Products: A Comprehensive Shopping Guide

Sustainable interior design, also known as eco-friendly design, is not a recent idea. However, in the past decade, it has gained significant attention from clients & designers due to global warming & the depletion of natural resources. Today, many companies & clients are making conscious efforts to choose & sell products that align with sustainability goals.

Maximalism as a design style embraces the philosophy of "more is more". While this may not inherently align with sustainable environmental practices, effective maximalist design embodies an eclectic blend of old & new elements. Utilising vintage furniture, upcycled fabrics, soft furnishings, & antique decor items can significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with a new design proposal. Moreover, there are various strategies to achieve a maximalist aesthetic while prioritising sustainability, such as sourcing from companies dedicated to eco-friendly practices or those offering more green products.

So, if you’re a maximalism enthusiast who’s wants to do right for the planet, dive into my top picks for environmentally friendly businesses & suppliers below.

Used furniture & homeware

The UKs leading vintage & antiques furniture marketplace

Vintage furniture & homewares based in Bude, Devon

A digital marketplace for used furniture & homeware

An online marketplace for vintage, antique, mid-century & contemporary furniture, homeware & lighting

sustainable furniture exmaples from vinterior, home vintage, facebook marketplace and pamno

ESD furniture

Uses FSC® certified wood in all of its furniture

Ethical Eco-Friendly & Handmade furniture

FSC® certified wood furniture frames. This business is carbon neutral and even has a wind powered showroom in Godalming

A Certified B-corp organisation

eco friendly companies offering furniture , including tikamoon, nkuku, love your home and oka

ESD paint

B-corp, 100% solvent-free paints, recyclable products & packaging. A Certified Climate Positive company

Provides a range of eco-friendly paints, recycled & recyclable paint tins. Offers a Re:mix scheme in which leftover paint can be transformed into new batches

One of the most certified sustainable paints company in the world

Eco-friendly paint specialists. Low-VOC, plastic-free paints, carbon-neutral & non-toxic

ESD paint companies featuring coat paints, little greene, graphenstone and edward bulmer

ESD fabric & soft furnishings

B-corp certified & champions eco-friendly, responsibly sourced materials & manufacturing methods

Responsible, mindful, friendly fabrics

World Land Trust partner, committed to ethical & sustainable practices

Eco-friendly fabrics, reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging

Eco friendly and plant conscious businesses that offer fabric and soft furnishing products. Including house of hackney, a kind cloth, emma shipley and liberty

ESD Lighting

The climate friendly lighting company, B-corp certified

Range of 3D printed shades made from bioplastics & recycled pine cellulose

Underpinned by principles of sustainability & circular design

Works with ethical producers & local manufactures & committed to more recycling & less waste

ESD lighting companies including houseof., e2 contract lighting, spark and bell and heals

ESD decorative accessories

Collection of UK based artists creating handmade pieces

Reducing energy consumption & packaging & partnering with those committed to sustainability

Designs, manufactures & sources products made with materials & practices that keep the environment in mind

Sources products from responsible suppliers, biodegradable packaging & 100% recyclable paper

planet conscious art and accessories companies including artists&objects, hortology, the jungalow and rose and grey

I hope you have found this sustainable interior design guide useful. Please share it widely on your social media platforms to support sustainable interior design with a touch of maximalist style!


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