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My interior design process

How does my interior design process work?

My design process always starts off with a flurry of excitement! I love that I have been given the opportunity, and been entrusted, to create something for another person. I love meeting the new client in the space they are looking to transform. This gives me the chance to see how they move and act in the space, which can often say a lot more than their actual words. It also lets my brain go into overdrive thinking of all the amazing things that could be done with a space. My consultation processes are always very open and focused on listening to the client. I assume a very non judgemental role when conducting consultations as I can appreciate how uncomfortable it may be for some people, showing off their space when it's not quite in its best light (not long until that changes!).

I like to offer my clients a bounty of resources when it comes to designs. I create concept boards to give the initial, overall feel for the space. Alongside this I create tactile boxes containing samples of the items proposed for a space. You can't ever go wrong with a box of beautiful, sensory gems! Then to show the client how those ideas will actually transform into a design, I create, and present, 2D and 3D drawings as well as renders and walkthrough videos. This really allows the client to get a feel for the space, where items will be, how they will look and ultimately how they will picture themselves using and living in the space. Design needs to be as functional as it is aesthetic and this method of presentation really allows me to show this.

Interior design samples- fabrics, tiles, flooring, paint colour charts, patterned fabrics, array of colours

Interior design tile samples. Patterned tiles in blue, white, green, yellow
Interior Design process- selecting samples for a tactile mood box

In my larger packages, when all of the designs have been amended and approved (yay!) I like to take a very hands on approach to managing the project. This may be the perfectionist in me needing to make sure the design is as planned! My previous roles in project management and engagement really come into play here and I believe I am well suited to acting in a liaison role between the client and the required trades. I build rapport quickly and know how to manage expectations from all sides, whilst also maybe pushing the boundaries a little (you never know until you ask right?). I value good communication and make sure everyone involved is updated on timeframes, deadlines and budgets through the duration of the project. Clients will get a lot of links, included on my very colourful spreadsheets.

Once all the work is complete and everyone is happy I move on to the styling and staging phase. This is where I can really let that choreographed clutter style leap out into the room and take the room from finished to perfected. It's not uncommon to see me turn up with my labelled boxes so that I know exactly where everything is going. After a bit of music, a bit of magic, and lots of manual labour, the space is then ready to present to the client…cue the happy, smiling faces!

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