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Transform Your Space with Brumes Cut-Out Motif Window Film: A Stunning Interior Design Before and After

Recently, I teamed up with Brume to try out their window film designs. Brume offers a wide range of window film designs and can also create bespoke options to suit existing decor and design. I knew I wanted to incorporate a beetle into the design, as the interiors in my room already had a nod to beetles, but was unsure what would best suit my large Edwardian bay window. So, I worked with the team at Brume to create two unique cut-out beetle motifs: a singular beetle and a multiple repeat design.

Multiple beetle motif- Brume X Feather&Fossil interior design
Multiple beetle motif- Brume X Feather&Fossil interior design

After testing both designs, here are my thoughts:

  • The single beetle window film was effortless to apply, providing the desired privacy in a visually pleasing way, that also complemented my room decor.

  • Applying the multi-beetle design required a bit more time, but once I got the hang of it, it was as easy as the single motif design... and even a little therapeutic.

  • The multi-beetle pattern is beautiful when the sun shines. The beetles produce an enchanting effect on my wooden floors, infusing the room with a playful touch.

  • The multi-beetle cut-out motif offers a little more light to the room and wonderful variation in the views outside.

  • The solitary Beetle motif made a strong, bold yet classic statement. 

Want to see how I got on using Brume window film? See me two videos below.

Want some top interior design tips on how I'd style these window films...? Take a look at my interior design mood board ideas below.

Moodboard with green paint and curtains, pink paint, pink and white wiggle rug, blue beetle cushions, plans in rustic pots, a beetle decoration, green velvet lampshade with pink fringe trim, a beetle window film design

Follow the links below to go shopping!

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