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Starling package feather and fossil interior design



The Starling Package offers a unique approach to interior design, focusing on upskilling your knowledge of interiors. This tailored package allows you to book individual consultancy hours to learn more about interior design principles that can be implemented in your space.

For example, you may want to learn more about colour theory, lighting, how to work with small spaces or something really specific to your home or business.


Why not take a look at my blog page to find out some of the areas we could focus your session on.

What can you expect from The Starling package?

This package is as unique as you are so the scope really is wide open. Each session is 1 hour long & you can book as many sessions as you like. We will discuss the elements you would like to cover prior to the call & I will provide you will a pack of resources to keep after the session.

If the Starling package is just right for you, pop me a message on the link below!

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