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Stork package feather and fossil interior design



Not based in Devon or Cornwall? No problem Feather&Fossil can come to you via an online interior design service.

I am skilled in specific visualisation software that allows me to create your bespoke designs from afar. You'll be provided with detailed 2D drawings & 3D CGI visuals that show you exactly how the space will look & how the designs need to be carried out to produce your dream room. 

Every design I create is truly one-of-a-kind & reflects your personality & style, whilst remaining in-keeping with the character of your home. 

  Whether you feel lost or have a clear vision for your home, I will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure a result that exceeds your expectations

What can you expect from The Stork package?

All of my packages begin with a detailed discovery questionnaire & virtual consultation.

This will start to paint a picture of your needs, wishes, requirements & personal style. 

Following this I will start creating your bespoke designs. I will design:

  • Beautiful concept boards, linked direct to shopping sources.

  • Detailed 2D drawings to help you envisage the layout for the space.

  • 3D CGI visualisation images which will provide you with photo real examples of how your unique space will look with the new design proposals.

  • A detailed project brief.

  • A full shopping list for all the items you need to create the design. 

Once I have created your bespoke package I will present these back to you online. I will go through all of the elements of the presentation explaining my design choices, how to find everything you need & my top tips for translating the designs into the finished product. 

If the Stork package is the perfect fit for you, pop me a message on the link below!

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