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Exploring the bold world of Maximalist Interior Design - Discovering the wonders of Maximalism

Maximalism is a term used in interior design that could be summed up in one phrase: More is More!

Maximalism first became a trend in interior design in the 1980s, largely due to economic growth and the abundance of excess seen in this era. Since the 80's the trend has grown in popularity and has become a firm foundation of the interior design world.

So what is maximalism and maximalist interior design?

Maximalism is all about embracing the bold whether that be through colour, pattern, texture, accessories or art. Maximalism, unlike minimalism, is characterised by extravagance, opulence and eclecticism. It celebrates the idea of self expression, showcasing your own style and personality in a space that you love.

Watch my short 1 minute video to find out all about Maximalist interior design in a nutshell!

There are some key elements that are considered 'classically maximalist' and these are:

Colour: Maximalist spaces incorporate a wide range of colours, sometimes in bold and contrasting, sometimes dark and moody. Vibrant hues like jewel tones or deep, saturated colours are common, however, using colour that resonates with you and your personality is highly celebrated, rather than focusing on the current colour trend.

Patterns and Textures: Maximalism welcomes the idea of mixing patterns and textures such as bold prints, intricate designs, and a variety of fabrics like velvets, silks, linens, cottons and satins. Pattern clashing is a term used to explain a space that uses multiple patterns that work harmoniously together (see my vlog here). Patterns don't need to be reserved to only fabrics (for use on curtains, cushions, large furniture items), they can be incorporated through wall coverings, accessories such as vases, art and ornaments, as well as light fittings and floor coverings.

Eclectic style: Mixing different styles, eras, and cultural influences is very typical in maximalist design and is a wonderful way to show off your personality and interests. There are no rules when it comes to mixing items, you can combine old with the new, antique with modern, hard with soft, plain with patterned... anything that you like and want to include can be included!

Decorative pieces and statement pieces: Maximalist spaces are adorned with various decorative elements like art, sculptures, ornate mirrors, eclectic accessories, and statement, talking point pieces. Linking to the eclectic style point above, maximalism encourages you to mix a wide range of decorative and statement pieces and items that tell a story, either about you/ your family or about something you have an interest in- this could be a specific culture, artists, musician, hobby etc.

Clutter: Maximalism embraces a level of controlled chaos, I like to call it choreographed clutter. The key to stopping clutter looking.. well just like clutter, is to make it visually appealing and for it to be a personal reflection of your personality and what you love! As with pattern clashing its important to find elements of commonality amongst your items so that they are tied together, this could be colour, style, culture, texture etc.

Personal expression: One common theme that runs through all of the above points, is personal expression. Unlike some other design styles, maximalist encourages you to design based on what you love, not necessarily whats in fashion, on trend.

If you would like help creating a maximalist marvel in your home, take a look at my packages page and drop me a message!

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