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How to Use Colour Psychology in Interior Design: Choosing the right colours for each room.

Colour psychology is the study of how colours make us feel, and in turn how they affect our behaviours and attitudes. Using different colours within your home can affect how you feel within the space and also how you use the room, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Everyone will have different interpretations and connotations of colours, which is what makes us all so unique and wonderful. However, when we look at colours, through a colour psychology lens, there are some general attributes assigned to all colours that can help you create a home that fits your personality but also ensures each room works in the best way possible.

Take a look at the short video below to find out about colour psychology and interior design, specifically focusing on the colours Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink and Red, and which rooms they're best suited too.

Check below this video for a recap of all the colours and product suggestions!

Take a look below at my quick colour recap and product suggestions:


The colour of sociability and confidence. Orange is a warming colour that encourages fun and liveliness. With this in mind orange is a great colour to use in social spaces like dining rooms and children's playrooms.

Rusty orange colours are really on trend now, I love Mezcal by Coat paints. For a children's playroom try this gorgeous apricot colour by Little Greene.


Yellow is an instantaneous mood lifter! The colour yellow is associated with happiness, warmth and kindness. It is a great colour to use in lots of room but can really make a statement when used in a kitchen space. I love this striped cork wall by Muratto. It adds so much texture and interest to a space but is also excellent for acoustic and thermal properties.


A brilliant colour for calming, relaxing spaces but also for igniting the imagination and helping us concentrate. For this reason it can be used it many rooms including relaxing bathroom spaces or home offices to help give you a little boost in momentum. This rubber flooring from The Colour Flooring Company is a brilliant product for bathrooms and adds a pop of colour. This Eucalyptus blue No.92 by Victory colours is a wonderful paint option for a home office space and would pair perfectly with some touches of marmalade orange.


Green is the go-to colour for promoting tranquility, calm, the feeling of nature and health. There are so many ways to use green in a home and I would certainly recommend it for bedroom and lounge spaces. This new fabric from the Sophie Robinson X Harlequin collection is an amazingly fun way to bring green into your homes and schemes. When looking for paint colours I love this deep, dark Craig&Rose chalk wash paint. It is perfect for creating a cocooning snug space. For something lighter and more fresh this minty green shade from Claybrook is wonderfully uplifting.


Pink is another great colour for creating spaces that are calm and relaxing. Studies have found that relaxing in pink rooms and spaces can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate, therefore its a great option for bedrooms, lounge spaces and bathrooms. Dusky pinks are perfect for creating this relaxing atmosphere, this Frankie sofa in Rose Cord from Jo and Co is great for a lounge and could be accessorised with mustard throw pillows. This Ciao, Sofia from Coat paints is also a wonderful dusky pink shade, as recently seen on my Instagram page.


Red is a colour associated with love, excitement and energy. It can be a wonderfully happy colour but it can also be very intense and sometimes overwhelming. My advice with red would be to use in accessories and complimentary ways. The complimentary colour to red is green so this wonderful berry red vase from Westholme would be a great accompanying accessory in a predominantly green space. Alternatively, you can go bold and clash colours- pink and red are perfect for this- and this new fabric by Sophie Robinson X Harlequin showcases this beautifully. You could use this fabric for curtains, pillows, headboards or reupholstering an existing chair or suite!

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