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The colour wheel and how to create amazing interior design schemes with simple colour rules.

Adding colour into your home can seem like a daunting task however knowing just a few simple colour rules can help you can create amazing, successful spaces.

I have created the below videos to arm with you with knowledge you need to pair colour successfully in any room of your what are you waiting for? Find your favourite seat, grab a warm tea and sit back and enjoy (and learn!)

Rule 1: Analogous

Watch the below video to find out about the colour wheel (think primary, secondary and tertiary colours) and what the analogous colour rule is!

Rules 2 & 3: Triadic & Complimentary

Watch the below video to find out about the triadic and complimentary colour rules and examples of how to use them in your home.

Rule 4: Monochromatic

Watch this final video to get more information on monochromatic colour rules, think colour drenching and colour blocking.

If you would like to find out more why not book a consultancy session with me, we can discuss interior design rules and concepts in relation to your own spaces and personal preferences.

Alternatively, if you're looking to redecorate one or multiple spaces and don't know where to start, or don't have the time to dedicate to the project, I offer full concept packages, as well as project management services and would love to help you create your dream space.

You can contact me here!

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