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60/30/10 interior design colour rule.

Want to learn something new in less than 3 minutes?

Stop the scroll, find your favourite seat and listen up.

Watch my short video below to find out about the 60/30/10 interior design colour rule that is often used by interior designers.

The key messages:

• Use 1 dominant colour for 60% of your space e.g. your walls

• Use a second, complimentary colour for 30% of your space e. large furniture

• Use a final, accent colour for 10% of your space eg accent chairs, accessories, soft furnishings

If you want more information or help on colour theory for your home or business get in touch to see how I can help with a bespoke colour consultation package.

I'll teach you the basics of colour theory to help empower you to make the right choices long term in your space. I'll also offer advice on a space you're working on right now.

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