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Revamp your space with Farrow and Balls new Dead Matt range: 3 interiors colour way options to try

Knowing how to pair colours can be a tricky challenge and can often lead to people staying safe and either going neutral or sticking with colours they find comfortable for them. Take a look at my quick video below showing you 3 different colour way options to pair Farrow and Balls Selvedge blue paint in your home.

Option 1:

Pair this gorgeous denim blue with pink and mustard for a cool, contemporary colour palette that can be dialled up or down for impact. A great way to elevate this look is to combine with a cork floor. Cork floor is fabulous for so many reasons, soundproofing, warmth, eco friendly properties, to name just a few but it also makes a space look instantly more unique.

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Option 2:

Keep with the blue palette by pairing Selvedge with a darker blue and then adding touches of gold for opulence. This will create a deep, luxurious colour palette that creates a sense of drama. Pair it with a statement wallpaper to add more drama and elevate further. This scheme could be a brilliant option for a grown up, luxurious living room space.

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Statement wallpaper: Bibana Gold by Anna Hayman

Option 3:

Embrace maximalism and play with a quintessential English style by picking a strong floral fabric that incorporates blue, and then pick out other key colours from the pattern and incorporate those into your design. For this option, use the floral fabric as a statement headboard piece, using the Selvedge blue on your walls and bring yellow and green in through accessories and accent furniture to create a striking bedroom scheme.

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If you would like to work together on a space within your home or business I'd love to hear from you!

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